The Atlas of Palestinian Communities in Israel provides for the first time a comprehensive, easily accessible and detailed overview of all Arab-Palestinian communities in Israel.

On 468 pages, the bilingual atlas (English/Arabic) summarizes how Israel’s Arab-Palestinian population of around 1.32 million people (17% of the total population) is structured.

All maps were specifically designed for this project and supplemented with detailed information about community-sizes, their coordinates, population, density and origin of their inhabitants.

Structured according to the six geographical districts of Israel, the atlas contains an additional chapter on statistical data. On the basis of general maps and information graphics, it analyses population structures and compiles cross-comparisons.


1’319’348 People
202 Communities
74 Local Councils
57 Unrecognized Villages
53 Regional Councils
10 Palestinian Cities
8 Mixed Cities
6 Districts
3 Regions


Published 2017 by Fachri Atamny
Edited by Fachri Atamny, Luca Eusebio and Walid Atamny
Designed by Luca Eusebio and David Büsser

468 pages (with 202 maps and 10 information graphics)
Linen binding, 16.5 × 27 cm

ISBN 978-3-033-06495-9

The Atlas of Palestinian Communities in Israel received a number of awards including the Best German Book Design 2018, the Red Dot Award: Communication Design 2018 and the German Design Award: Excellent Communications Design 2019.


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